Ale Teo GmbH is part of the holding group of Ale Teo.

The international transport company with headquarter in Germany is the result of a long and fruitful experience of road haulage between the East and the West of Europe.

The expansion of the company and the offer variety, typical for the heavy road transport market has started in the year 2003, when the company Ale Teo SRL with the main offices located in Targu-Mures, Romania has begun trading. With its own fleet we can guarantee optimum services and very competitive for any type of load or merchandise that our clients would like to have them moved.

One of the primary objectives of Ale Teo GmbH are the planning and the administration of it’s own fleet and for the oversize loads the ability to process and ensure all the correct authorizations are obtained.

Some of the best assets of the company is the ability to organize and intermediate road transport of different types of goods: less than truckload, full truckload, special and heavy transports in the entire EU geographical area. We guarantee and vouch for all of our clients and partners having a wealth of over 20 years of professional experience in this field.

Beside the transport and logistic services we currently provide when shipping goods like heavy duty cars, industrial and commercial goods we also offer the following services:

  • Planning
  • Order Processing
  • Consultancy
  • Warehousing
  • Project Management
  • Customs Services

About the Special Project Management and considering the global economic development we also offer alternative means of Air and Sea transports.